Watch This Guy Get Caught Spying on His Seatmate's Laptop

Published On 03/25/2015 Published On 03/25/2015

Airplane peeping: the paranoid belief every passenger has that their seatmate is judging their Taylor Swift playlist or reading those top-secret emails. In reality, everyone does it. Listen to Taylor Swift, that is. But one brave passenger did something about his seatmate's creeping: he recorded it with his computer's camera.

James Grande noticed that his seat partner kept eavesdropping on his Facebook messages. And to prove it, he simply flipped on his laptop's camera. The resulting video shows the suspect rotating on his neck pillow to get a better look at Grande’s screen. Every time Grande looks back at him, the guy plays innocent and faces the blackness outside his window. Because that's totally a normal thing people do for extended periods on a plane.
Eventually, Creeper McGee realizes he's on Candid Camera and is forced into an awkward laugh.
Watch the video for some sweet seat justice:



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