Guy Takes His Tortoise for a Walk in Tokyo Like it's No Big Deal

Published On 04/17/2015 Published On 04/17/2015

Having a tortoise for a pet is pretty great. You can ride it, you can play drums on its shell, you can dress it up in a funny outfit, and you can become the “turtle guy” of your neighborhood by taking it on long walks. One bald man in Tokyo actually does those last two things, going for regular walks with his tortoise, occasionally dressing it up in frilly pink outfits that match his purse. This turtle must be humiliated.

Take a look at him just casually walking down the street -- obviously at a leisurely pace.

And then he got fancy:

If you are planning to be in Tokyo anytime soon, the bald dude and his giant African Spurred Tortoise walk through the Tsukishima neighborhood, home to one of Tokyo’s famous owl cafés, those wacky themed cafes that you'll only find in Japan. All they need is a piglet or a rabbit and they've basically got a Hans Christian Andersen story brought to life.

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