The World's Best College Is...

Published On 08/26/2015 Published On 08/26/2015

It's Harvard.

That's right: the Academic Ranking of World Universities for 2015 was just released, comparing every school of higher education on the planet, and in a completely unexpected turn of events, Harvard came out on top. Seriously, who could've seen that one coming? Oh, that's right, literally everyone.

The annual ranking is published by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, and pares a list of 1,200 total colleges down to the top 500, forming scores for each based on weighted criteria like the school's research output, quality of faculty, and per capita performance. 

Here's where it all gets a bit ridiculous: Harvard finished in first place, as previously stated, with perfect score of 100 -- 26.7 points ahead of the second place winner, Stanford, and 29.6 points higher than MIT in third place. What's more, Harvard has won a perfect score in first place every year since the ranking began in 2003, when Stanford came the closest it's ever been to the gold with 83.5 points.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that this is a ranking of the world's universities, and all but two of the top 10 schools (Oxford and Cambridge, in the UK) were American. So hey, at least we've got that going for us! America: Leading the world in totally predictable lists of colleges since 2003.

Here's the top 10 in its entirety:

10. University of Oxford (56.6)
9. University of Chicago (57.1)
8. Columbia University (59.1)
7. California Institute of Technology (59.6)
6. Princeton University (61.0)
5. University of Cambridge (68.8)
4. University of California, Berkeley (69.6)
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (70.4)
2. Stanford University (73.3)
1. Harvard University (100.0)

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