Tour Hawaii in the helicopter from Magnum, P.I.

Put your short shorts on and grab your mustache comb because thanks to Paradise Helicopters, you can go all Magnum, P.I. in Oahu with a heli tour aboard TC's chopper.
Watch this immediately, because it features your ride.

That's TC's chopper from the opening credits of Magnum, P.I. It's a McDonnell Douglas (Hughes) 500D, and you'd have to have no soul to think the paint job was anything less than totally excellent.

Also totally excellent? TC's Vanagon from his company Island Hoppers which, unfortunately, is fictional... as is TC.

This is Paradise Helicopters' MD500D, which you can totally ride in, but -- and here's the tricky part -- it's not the actual chopper used in Magnum, as that one's thought to be used in some sort of Kentucky crop dusting operation these days (seriously).

But don't fret that it's not the physical chopper from the show, as Phoenix Heliparts has restored it to mint condition and tooled it out to be an exact replica, except less likely to have a terrible malfunction.

Seriously, looking at this thing, you'd be shocked that Thomas Magnum and Theodore "TC" Calvin hadn't used it to track down bad guys.

Should the Magnum purist in you still be fretting because TC's actual rump has not graced the seats, let us assure you that it, in fact, has! Both Roger E. Mosley (AKA TC) and Jerry Mennetti (Rick), have both taken a ride in it... and even autographed the nosecone.

And, although the chopper and scenery will be as authentically Magnum, P.I. as it gets, and you'll be riding in Magnum's spot... Paradise Helicopters does not guarantee results such as this.