Hilariously bad English sign translations

While trekking through foreign lands can be a comedic adventure in miscommunication, luckily, there are plenty of accommodating folks willing to give English the old college try -- even if their college clearly doesn't teach English. Here are a few signs that've gotten hilariously lost in translation.

chinese sign
Flickr user avlxyz

What a clever ruse, as the Chinese characters on this Sichuan sign actually translate to "The green grass fears your feet". This type of blatant snake scaremongering has got… to… stop!

italian sign
Flickr user Bettyx1138

An excerpt from The Direction's new best-selling book of poetry, entitled Poop Quietly.

grass sign
Bink Baulch

The bigger question is really: Why does the grass feel so lucky?

propaganda sign
Flickr user Jimmie

Er, does it still count as propaganda if you tell everyone it's propaganda?

passenger information sign
Bink Baulch

If you've been told once, you've been told a million times: Please refrain from hurling your seedcases across the cabin.

porn fashion sign
Flickr user Gavin Bloys

Just… don't get it on my dress.

ship sign
Flickr user Matt Perreault

Oh dear. If only I could remember where I packed the ziplock bags in all of the chaos and mass confusion of this ship sinking. Heavens, how ever will I get through customs with a soaking wet passport?

wu mart sign
Flickr user lawtonjm

Wu-Mart: for all of your discounted, lovestruck needs.

italian gas sign
Flickr user John W. Schulze

Are you filling your car up with gas in Italy? Or is this some high-stakes games of international espionage?

handicapped sign
Flickr user Tyler Haglund

Ouch. Not cool, China. Not cool.

patronizing sign
Bink Baulch

Don't patronize me with your patronizing signs!

crazy english sign
Bink Baulch

No, we're not going to teach just regular oral English; that's so boring. Instead, with our MP3 program, get ready to get Cray Cray!

wet floor sign
Flickr user Steve Jurvetson

After the Kung Pao chicken, the toilet never really had a chance.