This shipping container tower is the hotel of the future

You thought playing late-night Jenga in your dorm was high stakes, but Hong Kong-based Ova Studio wants to take block-stacking to a whole new level. They've recently proposed building a luxury hotel by piling recycled shipping containers on top of one another into a crazy, real-life Jenga tower that you can sleep in.

How is this different from a cargo ship you wonder? Well, the Hive-Inn will be built around a solid core -- a spine that contains the lobby, elevators and stairs, electrical, plumbing, and structural necessities, and is surrounded by a metal exoskeleton that fits the containers.

Just like Jenga, but minus the inevitable destruction, the containers can be inserted, stacked and removed as needed, all without disturbing the other containers around them. Try doing that in a game of Jenga after a few drinks.

Because containers can be exchanged on a whim, the architects suggest that they could be sponsored by certain brands, who would slap their logos on the outside and create bespoke interiors. Totally like when you scrawl your phone number on a Jenga tile in the hopes that your soulmate will drunk dial you one fateful night.

For example, here's what a Ferrari-branded room might look like. These rooms can be either permanent fixtures, or limited editions for which visitors pay a premium. Even better, this type of hotel could turn out to be really cheap; it can earn revenue from advertising.

To date, the idea has been presented as a hotel, though it could be translated into apartments, small offices, or even emergency housing and medical units.

And just think, if these structures existed all over the world, you could just pack up your little box and take it to another city for the most painless move ever. It's like some sort of advanced-level PODS.

Or, if your live-in girlfriend dumps you, just pack up the whole thing and leave her stuff in an actual dumpster. That'll teach her.

Though the idea's just a concept for now, its creators say they could make the futuristic design a reality as soon as someone finances it. Kickstarter, anyone?

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's  associate travel editor, and is mentally already decorating her neon pink and lime housebox. Follow her @Sohostyle.