This Horrifying Vortex Is Trying to Swallow Texas and Oklahoma

Well, this is the stuff of your actual childhood nightmares: a giant whirlpool vortex that could quite literally swallow you whole.

The vortex, seen in the video above, was found at Lake Texoma in Oklahoma (situated on the Oklahoma and Texas border) -- and as much as you want to believe it has something to do with the X-Files reboot, it doesn't. 

According to ABC News, the 6- to 8-ft-diameter vortex formed after the Denison Dam was opened to drain the lake, which was overflowing from four weeks of heavy rain. 

The assistant project manager at Lake Texoma, BJ Parkey, told ABC News: "I always compare it to when you fill up your bathtub and then pull the plug. When the water level gets low enough, you’ll see an apparent vortex." OK, except that our bathtub drains probably wouldn't take us down into them. 

The vortex is apparently large enough to swallow a boat, which again, goes against the whole bathtub theory, but sure, BJ, whatever. 

Watch as the whirlpool spirals in and out like a tornado, and maybe stick to land for now -- you know, just to be safe.

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