Secret underground recording studios at a Cabo resort

If you've ever been on vacation lounging by an infinity pool and started humming a catchy tune, then thought, "If only there was somewhere in this hotel where I could lay down a track, then perform it live in front of an enthusiastic dinner crowd", you're either Lenny Kravitz, or an ideal candidate to stay at El Ganzo. This artsy, 72-room, adults-only boutique resort on the Mexican Baja rocks a private beach club, a roof-deck sushi bar, and yes, its own underground recording studio

In a "nod to its long, white, sinewy" exterior, the hotel's name translates to "The Jeff Hornacek". Or "The Goose". You choose

After a short 25-mile drive up the coast from the Cabo airport, you shouldn't have any problem finding the place. Apparently, their "retro-chic" neon sign is visible from space!!! OK, that was also a lie. No more, promise

The evening ocean air can be nippy even in Mexico, so grab a large red couch and warm yourself by one of the two lobby fireplaces

Now that you're sufficiently warmed and properly checked in, head up to your standard suite complete with custom wood furnishings, 400 thread count linens, and individual iPads to navigate the resort's services

Or perhaps you're a rabid table tennis enthusiast, in which case you'll probably just get right to playing in this rustic Large 1 Bedroom Suite which also boasts a grand salon, and small private gym

"Oh hello there. I'm sorry, I must have the wrong room. This surely is the Jacuzzi Suite that overlooks the marina... as you seem to be overlooking the marina from your jacuzzi. Carry on.

Take down a light breakfast in the restaurant before settling into a daybed by the aforementioned infinity pool..

...and order up a cocktail

Wait a minute, nobody said anything about David Blaine! But that's because what you're looking at is actually their outdoor glass jacuzzi, situated next to the pool for all of your exotic beach vacation glass jacuzzi needs

Time for lunch. Hit the Ganzo de Playa beach club for some shrimp ceviche and fresh Baja-style fish tacos. Or if you'd rather work up an appetite first, they've got volleyball, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing and snorkeling

Assuming you're spent, perhaps an afternoon spa treatment? Maybe a dip in the therapy pool or visit to the sauna and steam room

Or eschew the rock massage to lay down an acoustic rendition of "Bust a Move" with this dude instead, in the aforementioned underground recording studio "hidden beneath a trap door in the Downstairs Restaurant"

That's enough for one day, shower up and head to dinner... the Ganzo Downstairs Restaurant, which serves authentic eats like lion paw scallops w/ cauliflower puree, and Tlacoyo de pollo, which's chicken with corn milk, refried beans, cactus slices, Mexican Cotija cheese, and pasilla chili sauce

Or head upstairs to the roof-deck Gachoo Sushi Bar for Japanese-Peruvian bites like this Tostado de Pescado, which's "mustard sauce, red onions, avocado slices, tangy lime and an array of spices, served on a crunchy tostada"

"I couldn't, I couldn't, I don't have my instrument." Good thing you practiced earlier in the afternoon because you're up.

Work off some of those dinner calories with a quick bike ride around the marina

Before ending the night dancing on the roof..

...or huddled around the fire-pit telling hilarious stories about hanging out on the set of A Different World and touring with David Bowie

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