Staying here will probably help you stay young

Sitting under the shadow of Seattle's historic monorail line, the riotously colorful Hotel Five is located where four of The Town's sweetest 'hoods (that's South Lake Union, Queen Anne, Belltown & Downtown) meet, and its seriously laid-back vibe will make you appreciate not having to travel far to reach any of them

Mid-Century Modern doesn't make much sense in this century, at least until you see the lobby

The elevators are kind enough to tell you where you are

Staring up at the ceiling before you fall asleep, you'll be glad to know the wall at the head of your bed offsets the rest of the room quite attractively

Even more attractive are the Urban Suites (not to be confused with the Urban Hang Suites, which are filled with sexing Maxwells)

Said Urban Suites come with two flatscreens and a large living area where you can, um... hang

Making it rain is easy: you can either walk three blocks to Little Darlings, or turn on the overhead shower in your ultra-sleek bathroom

If you've got the munchies for some reason, grab a chicken & waffles sandwich at Max's Cafe, but don't fill up so much that you can't finish one of the signature complimentary pineapple muffins in the lobby.