Bunk beds in Logan Circle

Boasting that it's the "life of the party", Hotel Helix must be genetically wired for a good time, as the cheeky Logan Circle hotel (located just off 14th street) is stocked with bunk beds, an outdoor patio, and a funky lounge with private alcoves

The Bunk Bed room is perfect for best friends. It even has hula hoops

That chick is totally digging you. Or the fact that this King studio is fitted with a kitchenette

If you're not in the mood to make your own dinner, pop into this mod-ed out lounge, where a crew of invisible co-workers knock back martinis

Take a load off on this the vibrant banquette and slug down their famous Pajama Party concoction, whose vodka and champagne may ironically result in you sleeping in the nude

The outdoor patio is the perfect setting for people watching on Rhode Island

It's also a good place to scarf down their classic Angus burger, as you are genetically wired to love cooked meat.