Guest Makes Ridiculous Nic Cage Request, Hotel Concierge Delivers

There are myriad ways to piss off hotel staff -- and making bonkers requests is just one of them. But staff at the Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk got the best bizarre ask ever last month when a guest requested several framed photos of Nicolas Cage in her room. And they gladly obliged.

After arriving at the hotel on Jan. 14, Sarah Kovacs Grzywacz received a text from the Texas-based hotel asking if there was anything she needed. The Cage fan (who isn't?) decided to have some fun with the offer and requested to have a photo of the Con Air hero placed on her bed by 6pm. Concierge Ramon obliged, and left a photo of a long-haired, wife-beater-clad Cage on a pillow with a post-it that read: “Sweet dreams! Enjoy :)”

The following day, Grzywacz asked for a second photo of the National Treasure treasure, this time from Moonstruck, taped to her bathroom mirror. But when she didn’t find Nic (or any towels) in her bathroom, she sent another text message asking for both. Soon enough, a hotel staff member turned up with the towels and photo, which read: “Sorry I’m late - Nick (sic).” That Nic Cage -- so eccentric, but so polite.

On the final day of her stay, Grzywacz asked for yet another Cage photo, this time from 8 MM, next to her TV. “Good choice!” Ramon replied, and stuck the photo up accordingly. Although, to be honest, a pic from Bringing Out the Dead would have been the better. C'est la Cage.

Before Grzywacz checked out, the hotel gave its weirdest guest/Cage's creepiest fan one last hurrah, with a final pic from his Academy Award-winning role in Vampire’s Kiss. Wait, he didn't win the Oscar for that one?

Somewhere, Ramon is probably thinking about Leaving San Antonio, right now.

Chloe Pantazi is an editorial assistant on Thrillist's travel team. Yes, that's a British accent. No, she doesn't watch Doctor Who. Follow her on Twitter at @ChloePantazi.