A hotel made entirely outta vines

Who needs ivory towers when you've got the Luxury Hotel Collection's Hotel Ivy, which was built partially into the formerly crumbling facade of an old ivy-fied building that's just a stone's throw from downtown's shopping district and Orchestra Hall. See where old (right) meets new (left) on their street-side courtyard.Thankfully that creeping ivy hasn't creepily made it's way into the lobby, which would totally hinder it's upscale mod finishes.Speaking of creepy, try not to be if you visit the Ivy Spa Club, where you can get a workout, a rub down, or just lounge around in a bathrobe in public... you creep.Porter & Frye is the name of their meaty, craft-cocktail-mixing house restaurant.Don't be confused by the lack of spherical objects -- this is the ballroom.If you're looking for a shoebox with a mattress, The Ivy is not for you. Even their smallest rooms are spacious, to say nothing of this here Superior Suite.You know in movies when rich people live in really fancy apartments that have more then one level? Yeah, that's what the penthouse suite is like at the Ivy.Photos: Hotel Ivy