Get your butt to Chile and chill

Pop quiz: what's better than adventuring through the wetlands of the Southern hemisphere on horseback, hanging with indigenous blacksmiths, and exploring a series of lush islands from a handmade boat? Ryan from The O.C. Having a cadre of local guides at your beck and call to facilitate it all, as at Hotel Refugia Chiloé.Perched atop a hill on a remote, rugged, "magical" island off an archipelago north of Patagonia, the brand-new lodgings look like a tail fin wrapped in warm wood, with 12 exclusive rooms -- each boasting breathtaking views of the inland sea -- situated in a row atop an enormous, glass-walled communal living room. Speaking of which, that's where you'll be when not out exploring on the aforementioned guided excursions, whether enjoying a cocktail, or taking in the Andes mountains whilst taking down gourmet meals made from local ingredients, which hopefully don't include plane-wrecked Uruguayan soccer players.And for total relaxation there's the spa, which sports a sauna and steam room, a sizable jacuzzi, and an in-house masseuse, who probably won't want to adventure through the wetlands of your Southern hemisphere.