Stylin' suites and sky views in downtown PDX

Where most people associate "vintage" in Portland with purchasing dead people's clothes at wholesale prices, Hotel Vintage Plaza is just a throwback to the old-school hotel experience, where you can fine-dine in an award-winning restaurant, then take in spectacular city views while being pampered by in-room massages or sipping Champers in a hot tub.

HVP's lobby rocks a huge fireplace w/ arty lighting.

Also adjoining the lobby is Pazzo, an Italian joint featuring affordable wine flights and meals incorporating ingredients that the chef foraged from local farms and forests his own damn self.

Need to get to get some work done? Set up shop in this office room. Need to work off that 1lb French-fry-stuffed sandwich or foie-gras poutine platter you got at a nearby food cart? Hit up the 24hr gym.

Rooms come with comfy beds and deluxe appointments, but suites give you a crazy view of Mount Hood and the Cascades through wall-length skylights.

What's better than an in-room skyline panorama? How about a rooftop spa where you can soak in the view without having to deal with the Snookie-juice usually associated with rooftop hot tubs.