How far can you fly on $200?

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Itching to skip town this weekend, but have no clue where to go? Wonder how far you could get on $200? Curious about whatever happened to '90s Canadian alt-rock band Crash Test Dummies? Well, you're about to get the answer to two of those questions, thanks to just-launched-in-beta Flee, an aspirational "travel recommendation engine" and airline booking site that finds you somewhere to go based entirely on how much cash you have in your pocket.The steps're as easy as one, two, flee:1. Input how much scratch you want to drop on your flight, where you'll be escaping from, and which days you'll be coming and going. Click "Set Me Flee".2. Assuming you're not trying to lowball the airlines by offering $25 to get out of Tacoma (if so, they'll tell you to stop being so damn cheap and up your budget), it'll generate a graphically pleasing list of three recommended places you can get to for that amount of money.3. Not interested in visiting Lincoln, Nebraska in February? You fool! Then simply ask Flee for more cities to consider, or if you are excited about one of the three destinations, jump right in and book your flight, peruse hotels, and scout restaurants and things to do while in town.

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