How Much Does It Really Cost to Book a Private Jet for Your Bachelor Party?

Private jet. Just saying those words make you feel like you're in a rap video. Or any movie starring Michael Douglas. And after seeing the price of round trip tickets to Vegas for your upcoming epic bachelor party weekend, you probably thought, “You know what? I wonder how many guys it would take to make it worth getting a private jet!”
The answer is not enough. Ever.
How do we know this? Because we hit up three different private jet companies (Bluestar, Charter Wind, and JetSmarter) to find out how much it'd cost your wolf pack to book a 15-passenger jet from New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago to one of the country's three most clichéd bachelor party destinations (Miami, Las Vegas, and New Orleans) during a hypothetical weekend in May 2016.
Then we compared those quotes to the cheapest fares for 15 coach and first-class tickets on multiple US airlines for the same weekend. And guess what? Even factoring in Spirit’s fee for pressurized oxygen, it’s still waaaaay cheaper to fly commercial. As in thousands of dollars. That said, however, if your bachelor party budget is more than your wedding’s -- or just wanna know how much a private jet actually costs -- here are a few handy charts.


First Class: All flights are on Virgin America
Coach: NYC-LAS on Jetblue, LAX/CHI-LAS on Spirit


First Class: All flights are on American Airlines
Coach: NYC-MIA on United, LAX/CHI-FLL on Spirit


First Class: NYC-MSY on American, LAX/CHI-MSY on United
Coach: NYC/LAX-MSY on American, CHI-MSY on Spirit

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Matt Meltzer had the greatest 30 minutes of his life on a private flight from Boca Raton to Sarasota. The pictures are somewhere on his Instagram @meltrez1.