A superfan visits tons of Breaking Bad locations

guy standing in front of Walter White's house from Breaking Bad

Albuquerque has famously served as the backdrop to Breaking Bad since 2008, and because they've shot all over town (many characters have also been shot all over town... RIP Combo), it's easy to run into famous locations from the show. The BaD tour is a 3.5hr trolley ride all over the city hosted by two dudes chock-full of show trivia and personality, and here's just a tiny bit of what you'll see...

trolley from ABQ Trolley Co

Hop on this trolley, and as it drives you around town, expect to be regaled with behind-the-scenes info from the tour guides, one of whom helped pick locations for the show in a previous gig.

Ted Beneke's house from Breaking Bad

This is where that creep Ted Beneke lives, and it's one of the houses they used for both interior and exterior shots. You'll learn later that isn't always the case. Remember that scene where he hits his head? It went down inside those four very large walls.

Walter White's house from Breaking Bad

Probably the most famous house from the show is the White residence, and it's where many classic scenes went down. Fun fact: for the scene where Bryan Cranston gets mad and hurls a pizza on the roof, he threw it perfectly in one take. And while the interior of the house was not shown on the show, the pool in the back got used fairly often.

Jesse's house from Breaking Bad

Jesse's house was a cook site once upon a time, but in the real world, the owner once got 4 G's for every day the production team shot the exterior of his home... as opposed to Jesse's posse, which is mainly made up of 3 G's. Shouts to Badger!

car wash from Breaking Bad

Walt once had a job here before Skylar ran the place like a boss. A boss who was using it as a front for money laundering.

a table from The Grove Cafe & Market

Walt and Lydia meet at The Grove Cafe & Market to talk business, and they sat at this very table. If you stop in, be sure to get some food, as it's so good it was often frequented by the cast and crew during their downtime.

Crossroads Motel from Breaking Bad

In the show, this place is a one-stop shop for prostitutes and meth, which is why Hank brings Flynn Walt Jr. here to teach him a thing or two.

Tuco's headquarters from Breaking Bad

You may not recognize this place since the windows are intact, but the upstairs was Tuco's old HQ, before Heisenberg went and blew that sh*t up. The block isn't nearly as sketchy as the show made it seem, so go inside and enjoy some coffee.

Dog House Drive In in Albuquerque from Breaking Bad

In one memorable montage, the Dog House Drive In was where Jesse sold blue magic to some addicts while catchy, upbeat music played in the background and neon lights flashed behind him. Fun!

parking lot where Combo got shot in Breaking Bad

Some of the more exciting scenes in the show took place right here, as it's the spot where Combo was gunned down, and where Walt ran over the gang members with his car. The most badass character in the show might be that indestructible Pontiac Aztek.

parking lot from Breaking Bad

Another parking lot?! F*** yeah! This is the one where Walt did donuts in a car before blowing it the hell up. It's a quick drive from the soundstages where the show was based. And we're going to give you a peek inside...

soundstage in Albuquerque

Here's a look at one of the enormous soundstages in the same studio complex where the show was shot. They don't give tours to the public, and sadly all the sets were broken down when production wrapped in April 2013, so this is as close as you'll get to seeing the original sets. Tons of movies have also been shot on this stage, including the majority of The Avengers. Fitting, because in the 2nd half of Season 5, Jesse might be out to (SPOILER ALERT!!!) take some vengeance on Walt. Tune in and find out.