Catch the Northern Lights On this Gorgeous Alaskan Train Journey

Published On 03/20/2020 Published On 03/20/2020
aurora winter train
There is a comfortable way to see the frontier. | Courtesy of Mike Criss
Anchorage is as metropolitan as this trip gets. | Rocky Grimes/Shutterstock
Wasilla isa base for exploring Hatcher Pass. | DCCrane/Shutterstock
Views of Denali are paired with killer pie in Talkeetna. | Andrew Peacock/Getty Images
The Hurricane Flagstop Area is pure Alaskan frontier. | Michael Gerenday
Healy is the gateway to Denali. | Martina Birnbaum/Shutterstock
The Northern Lights shine bright in Nenana. | Sandee Rice / Design Pics/Getty Images
Fairbanks is the last stop for the Iditarod. | Troutnut