China rebuilt famous world monuments out of ice, because China

Unless it’s keeping your whiskey cool, ice is the worst. But people are willing to do all sorts of crazy cold things, like booze in bars made out of the stuff, and even sleep in modern-day igloos, so China's Harbin Ice Festival (Jan 5th–Feb 28th) will no doubt warm the hearts of some of the Snow Misers amongst you.

Ice Festival Festival
Fest-goers needn’t travel far to see the Empire State Building, Reykjavik’s Hallgrimskirkja church (with a 240m-long slide, if you don't mind freezing your butt off), or the Colosseum. Like a much colder Vegas, Harbin’s full of corny replicas.
Ice Festival Harbin
Towering over visitors, the fest's illuminated structures -- made entirely out of chiseled H2O -- are among its most impressive attractions. Some are even alcohol-themed, for adult ice aficionados.
Ice Festival Harbin
Even the bridges are frozen solid (just like the traffic on the GW -- boom tish).
Ice Festival Harbin
Colossal snow sculptures, like this one, put your sad backyard snowman to shame…
Ice Festival Harbin
…as will this copyright-violating Disney version.
Wikipedia user Shanghai killer whale
You can probably even buy bootleg DVDs of Frozen at their "Magic Kingdom" landmark.
Ice Festival Harbin
For stupid brave souls willing to bare their chests, winter swimming's another popular pastime at Harbin, especially among the Speedo-clad (Superman pose: optional).

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