Stay on a private island this Summer... for free

Calling all starving artists, struggling musicians, and every writer taking time off to "really concentrate on my book": Fredrik Härén, a Swedish author and lecturer on creativity, wants to put you up on one of his private islands this Summer. FOR FREE.

Welcome to Ideas Island, Härén's brainchild for spreading creativity. In an attempt to give financially strapped free-thinkers a chance to develop their ideas and work on creative projects, he's basically taking applications and hand-selecting folks to do weeklong stints on one of his two Swedish islands. He owns a third one in the Philippines, but it's currently under repair after being hit by a typhoon. Sorry to disappoint.

Recognizing that solitude stimulates creativity, Harken wants to help you turn your favorite ideas into reality, believing that doing so brings "one of the purest forms of happiness there is”. You know what else brings happiness? A private beach.

A mere 650ft row from Stockholm -- just the right amount of exercise to get your creative juices flowing -- Vifärnaholme is 75,347sqft of inspiration, all for you.

And five of your closest friends. The house actually sleeps six, and if you can make the case for why you need 'em to be there -- i.e. you're scared of the dark, you can't play drums, bass, and kazoo all at the same time, etc. -- they can come. Although, what happened to the whole "solitude stimulates creativity" thing?

This is the dock where you'll be sitting when you decide that the main character of your aforementioned "book" will die in a boating accident.

Best part: No distractions -- other than your five friends, of course -- and no excuses. Although, did someone just mention another game of beer pong?!

The Swedish Islands are open from June 1st to Sept. 30th, and you can submit your application here. Just don't ask what the weather is like. Don't do it. 

And yes, while it's totally 100 percent free (save your transportation costs), Härén does hope you'll make a donation to one of his favorite charities, no matter how little. 

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's über-efficient German associate travel editor, and she's really, really, really creative, and would really, really, really like to stay on a private island. Follow her @Sohostyle