Live in paradise for free. Seriously.

People can have their best ideas in the weirdest places, like in the shower... that belongs to a stranger, who owns a private island where they're staying for free. Or at least that's the thinking behind Ideas Island, an idyllic Filipino isle run by two Swedish "creativity" gurus who, following a soft-launch, are now officially offering lucky "creatives" gratis stays so they can "sit down and focus on their ideas -- while at the same time feeling great". Pitch them your awesome idea, and if they believe in you, you could soon be hunted for sport by a group of ultra-wealthy businessmen enjoying the fine...

Accommodations: With two other residences currently being built, the existing bamboo master villa features a super king-size bed in both bedrooms, has a large "thinking room", and boasts a killer view in every corner that will "inspire new thoughts and ideas", like "I really need to get myself a private island".

Food: Rather than spend valuable thinking energy cooking, meals of fresh local crabs & fish will be prepared and delivered to the house, which'll stay stocked with local cashews, coconuts, and mangoes, plus fruit juices, wine, and Champagne, sure to inspire ideas like "What was it I wanted to get myself again? Whatever man, more wine!".

Activities: Of course you'll "need a break" from all that stressful thinking, so you'll have 24/7 access to a brand-new captained boat to take you snorkeling through coral gardens, swimming in freshwater lakes, exploring nearby caves and coves, and diving a WWII shipwreck -- here's hoping your idea floats better. But if it doesn't, hope you enjoy the mangoes!