Go to new places and meet beautiful people...that you've already met

Anyone with some common sense knows that Hostel was mere Hollywood fiction -- seriously, what two hot females would do something as disgusting and morally reprehensible as have sex with you?! -- but here to set the record straight is InBed.me. From a crew who actually met at a hostel, it's a "social booking" service for those who don't like their travel with a side of crippling loneliness, allowing users to browse and book vetted accommodation listings, then peep other users who'll be staying there at the same time, so you know who you'll be desperately avoiding hanging with. Here's how it works:

Booking: Find inexpensive lodging beyond just hostels (B&Bs, rooms for rent, etc.) in over 800 cities worldwide from their catalog of 25K+ instantly bookable, detailed listings. Unlike many similar sites, they fully vet each listing (no creepy people stealing your stuff!), though they're keeping the processes secret to "retain their potency", necessary for lodgings that need to erect tile...in an unfinished bathroom!

Getting Social: Peep profiles loaded with info on your companion travelers ("I like to play the guitar") and hosts/proprietors ("Hey, stop playing that goddamn guitar!"), then initiate contact if you have any questions, or want to strike up a convo and make plans before you get there.

Saving Money: Should you be feeling crafty, submit a tentative itinerary to partnered accommodations and watch them compete for your business by offering killer deals, like "Hey, you can sleep with these two hot females if you let me kill you".