Venture into an Icelandic lava-spewer

Not a beautiful, sacrificial virgin, but still want to get all up inside a volcano? Well, thanks to the folks over at obviously spelled Thrihnukagigur Volcano, now you can!You'll begin the tour by taking a hike across a lava field, up the mountain that's "often compared to the surface of the moon", presumably because very quickly, even small steps begin to feel like giant leaps.

inside the volcano iceland lowering

Once you get to the top, you're lowered in using "a system that’s normally used to carry window cleaners on the sides of skyscrapers".

inside the volcano iceland

Regarding sky-scraping, it's bigger than the Statue of Liberty in there, but nowhere near as hot, as it's been dormant for 4000yrs.

inside the volcano iceland view

This is the view from the bottom.

inside the volcano iceland

Once you're down there, you can spend an hour doing whatever you want... high score on Temple Run here we come!

inside the volcano iceland

You'll also be fed a delicious, traditional Icelandic meat soup. In fact, "you can have as much of it as you want." Just don't sacrifice your beauty!

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