10 of the best travel photos on Instagram last month

Despite what your Instagram feed might have you believe, there are some people using the app to share something other than duck-faced selfies and gratuitously filtered lunch pics. A lot of the best stuff on Instagram is travel-related, and to prove it, we've gathered up our favorite shots (that aren't ruined by your least-favorite filter, Kelvin) from the month of March.

istanbul umbrellas

Who took it: Huseyin Narin 
Where: Istiklal Avenue -- Istanbul, Turkey
Why we like it: The blurred effect on the background (or bokeh, if you like to remind people that you minored in photography) makes the two pedestrians pop out of the frame, while also giving the lights of the boulevard a dreamy aspect. This photo captures the "honeymoon phase" of tourism perfectly.

Who took it: Elizaveta Selyukova
Where: The Metro -- Moscow, Russia
Why we like it: The stark angles of the train car clash with the forms of its passengers, and the car itself is bisected by the light on the ceiling and the painted yellow lines, which totally symbolizes how separated from one another we all are, man.

Who took it: Nuno Sanches e Silva
Where: A farm in Scotland
Why we like it: The shaggy highland cow dominates the action here, and the colors of his coat, nose, the sausage, and the man's hand all blend together. Despite the fence dividing them (and the fact that, y'know, they're different species), they still manage to connect.

Who took it: Marelle Marpaung
Where: Lake Toba -- Sumatra, Indonesia
Why we like it: The reflection of the bright orange sunset echoes the lake's own fiery origins; formed after the eruption of a massive supervolcano around 75,000yrs ago, it's the largest volcanic lake in the world.

Who took it: Fatih Sarac
Where: St. Peter's Basilica -- Vatican City
Why we like it: The fingers of light reaching in from the dome's windows are just awesome, but this shot's also a (PUN ALERT) shining example of the fact that not every picture you take requires a filter. Let the colors speak for themselves, bro!

Who took it: Mitchell Ratcliffe
Where: Helensburgh Tunnel -- Sydney, Australia
Why we like it: Abandoned train stations are always cool, but abandoned and flooded -- tough to beat. The water, combined with the green overgrowth, gives us the sense that nature's reclaimed this place. Plus, the selective blurring creates a tilt-shift-like effect, tricking our eyes into thinking the entire scene is miniaturized.

Who took it: jesmadrid
Where: Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport -- Madrid, Spain
Why we like it: This shot effectively uses height and depth to give a sense of the terminal's scale and grandeur (it's one of the largest in the world). Design is key in making an airport feel welcoming -- we're looking at you, LaGuardia.

Who took it: Antonis Kall
Where: Athens International Airport -- Athens, Greece
Why we like it: The 747 dominates the frame here, and this angle gives us a look at its sleek, updated engines. Even though it was originally produced 44yrs ago, this larger-than life aircraft continues -- like your taste in wine -- to evolve.

Who took it: Craig Harvey
Where: Corfe Castle -- Dorset, United Kingdom
Why we like it: The mist surrounding the castle (and the slight desaturation of the image) give this shot a ghostly feel; appropriate, since Corfe was demolished after a prolonged siege during the English Civil War.

Who: Andy Feliciotti
Where: Huntington Beach, California
Why we like it: This shot is a study in contrasts. The concrete pier is an artificial construct that dominates the natural, sandy beach beneath it; the ball implies recreation, but there's nobody there to play with it, so it's kind of having an existential crisis at the moment. Or, the score is 16-13 and some dude just spiked the hell out of it.

Think we missed an epic Instagram shot from the month of March? Show us how wrong we were by sharing your favorite travel pics in the comments!

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Travel. He's slowly curbing his pouty selfie addiction, but it's an uphill struggle. Follow him on Instagram, and on Twitter at @gjaccoma.

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