Is this the coolest camper ever?

Behold, the SylvanSport GO: a lightweight, luxurious, Swiss Army Knife-style camper/trailer that starts working its real magic when you put the car in neutral -- because not only is it versatile enough to transport a dozen bicycles or kayaks (seriously, a dozen kayaks), but when you're parked up, it'll transform into a spacious tent/recreation area.

The custom aluminum exoskeleton is lightweight and can easily be transported by most small sedans with towing capability, so your city slicker Mini Cooper can now come out to play.

No, this woman does not have dwarfism. It really is that big, and it'll haul everything from surfboards and canoes, to dirt bikes and ATVs, and -- let's face facts -- probably tons of beer.

Another handy transformation turns the camper/trailer into your mobile home away from home: a spacious tent that can sleep 2-4 comfortably, and also serves as an eating/drinking-all-that-beer area.

If you're more about the great outdoors, there's also a retractable canopy to offer covered protection while you take in nature's splendor/bugs.

And if the thousands of permutations of usefulness that you put the luxury camper into aren't enough? Then check out this sweet video to see it in action.