Stay on remote islands with more luxuries than home

Panama's no longer just notable for canals, hats, Van Halen songs, and crippling malaria, because it has Islas Secas: a posh, mainly mosquito-free, 16 island eco-resort located just 25mi off the mainland into the Pacific

With only seven total Casitas (prefab, lux tents), they can only accommodate 14 guests at once, which may just be a clever way to keep the Duggars from visiting

Food & drink's all-inclusive, and covers made-to-order breakfast, lunch, a 3-course dinner, and "alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages". Hahaha, "non-alcoholic beverages", VERY FUNNY! When not getting bombed, you can bomb around the islands on a boat, as well as go SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and hiking

It's claimed that the whale-, dophin-, and reef-filled waters are "gin clear", and since to you that means totally fuzzy with a splitting headache, clearly it means something different in Panama. There're 11 beaches for everyday use, but you can also elect to be dropped off for the day at Islas Pargo, a completely off-the-grid private island where you'll be provided with a gourmet picnic, and fo kayaking in "mangroves", a.k.a., the forest of every woman's dreams. It's said that the Gulf of de Chiriquí National Park is among the premiere fishing spots on the planet, and the resort's packages include a captain and first mate-ified 34' Sea Vee stocked w/ Shimano fishing tackle and a gourmet box lunch. They say that the is "off the hook", so...maybe don't count on actually catching anything

There's also this type of fishing, which's pretty fly.