10 European Cities That Are WAY Cheaper This Summer


In case you didn’t already know, Europe's cheap right now. If you DID already know that, well, thanks for reading Thrillist Travel! To reward you, here's a more detailed itinerary of which cities are the cheapest -- including ones that don't use the euro.

A new TripAdvisor study says a weeklong vacation in Europe is 11% cheaper this summer than it was last year -- and you'll make the most of your dollars in Istanbul. According to the site's TripIndex, it'll cost Americans about $1,877 to spend a week marveling at ancient architecture, haggling with market vendors, and maybe even spending a night in a Turkish prison, if you play your cards right.

To determine the cheapest Euro summer spots, TripAdvisor calculated the cost of a seven-night hotel stay, roundtrip airfare from the US, and general expenses for a week in 25 cities, before comparing them to last year’s prices.

While Istanbul's 25% more affordable than it was in 2014, the Romanian capital, Bucharest, is the second-cheapest place for a vacation, costing Americans approx. $1,894 for a week of gawking at Art Nouveau buildings and museum-hopping, down 16% from last year. Krakow, Poland, is the third-best value, with a week’s vacay costing $1,983 -- though it's only 5% cheaper than last year, it's still worth visiting the city’s rustic Old Town and famous market square.

While other underrated European gems like Prague and Brussels make the top 10, big-name cities such as London and Paris fell to the bottom of the list. Because, well, they're always expensive. And as for the most expensive destination, to no one’s surprise, it’s Zurich: land of Swiss bank accounts, Bond-villain watches, and $7.50 Big Macs.

Now check out the 10 most affordable places you should visit this summer, and start daydreaming.


10. Stockholm, Sweden

23% cheaper than 2014

Average hotel rate: $156.04/night 
Average airfare: $1,092.35
Cost for one-week trip: $2,184.63


9. Lisbon, Portugal

1% cheaper than 2014

Average hotel rate: $93.10/night 
Average airfare: $1,519.48
Cost for one-week trip: $2,171.18

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8. Berlin, Germany

9% cheaper than 2014

Average hotel rate: $91.92/night 
Average airfare: $1,506.71
Cost for one-week trip: $2,150.15

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7. Brussels, Belgium

14% cheaper than 2014

Average hotel rate: $104.49/night 
Average airfare: $1,379.76
Cost for one-week trip: $2,111.19


6. Athens, Greece

15% cheaper than 2014

Average hotel rate: $84.87/night 
Average airfare: $1,493.45
Cost for one-week trip: $2,087.54


5. Prague, Czech Republic

11% cheaper than 2014

Average hotel rate: $80.17/night 
Average airfare: $1,512.81
Cost for one-week trip: $2,074


4. Budapest, Hungary

6% cheaper than 2014

Average hotel rate: $70.94/night 
Average airfare: $1,532.05
Cost for one-week trip: $2,028.63


3. Krakow, Poland

5% cheaper than 2014

Average hotel rate: $77.99/night 
Average airfare: $1,437.95
Cost for one-week trip: $1,983.88

2. Bucharest, Romania

16% cheaper than 2014

Average hotel rate: $66.49/night 
Average airfare: $1,425.57
Cost for one-week trip: $1,894.15


1. Istanbul, Turkey

25% cheaper than 2014

Average hotel rate: $97.13/night
Average airfare: $1,197.47
Cost for one-week trip: $1,877.38

Head here for the complete list of 25 cities, and a full breakdown of prices.

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