For a True Taste of Life on the Italian Riviera, Head Beyond Cinque Terre

Published On 02/11/2020 Published On 02/11/2020
Village on coastline, Portofino, Italy
Portofino is one of the many dreamy Riviera towns outside of Cinque Terre | The Traveller/500px Prime/Getty
Levanto pairs small-town vibes with world-class waves | Westend61/Getty
Bonassola is all about the beach clubs | Open/Getty
Sestri Levante is a modernized city with a fairytale history | Luca Roggero/EyeEm/Getty
Portofino has golden-age Hollywood vibes and a hidden abbey | Peter Cade/DigitalVision/Getty
Camogli is a throwback fishing village referred to as "the town of wives" | Olja Merker/Moment/Getty
Poets have been drawing inspiration from beautiful Portovenere for centuries | Francesco Dazzi/Moment/Moment