This Italian Village Got Buried Under 8ft of Snow In 24 Hours

Published On 03/11/2015 Published On 03/11/2015

Just when it seemed like the nightmare of frozen waterfalls and iced-over island paradises of winter was over, news comes from Italy that the season isn't going down without a fight. Namely: This quaint Italian village getting 8ft of snow in just one day.

Capracotta, just three hours east of Rome (it's not even in the Alps!), got obliterated with the white stuff, not having seen this much snow since 1956. And according to the BBC, the one-day snowfall was more than Boston(!!) got in January and February combined.

With walls of snow blocking people in their homes, the village's 1,400 residents have had to clamber out second-floor windows just to get outside, and plough through the wintry build-up in snowshoes and skis. As for their cars... well, they're not going anywhere. Roads were blocked off last week, when the storm hit, and schools have been closed.

"In Colorado, they had two metres [6.5ft] of snow in 24 hours, but here it took just 16 hours for that amount to fall," the village mayor Antonio Monaco told Ansa. "It was a spectacle that took our breath away."

Their breath, and their ability to go anywhere quickly.

If you still don't believe the ongoing Snowpocalypse, check out the photos of the village's record-breaking snowfall below...

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