Jennifer Aniston Dreams She's Poor in New Emirates Commercial

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For many of us, flying on a no-frills budget airline is par for the course when we're traveling across the country. For Jennifer Aniston, though, it's just another nightmare to be woken up from -- like We're The Millers, or being married to David Schwimmer.

In her new commercial for Emirates, the actress lives out the mundane discomfort that comes with a purely pedestrian flight experience, with neither an onboard shower nor bar to pass the time. When she attempts to locate these important amenities, the flight attendants laugh in her face and inform her that, no, this isn't an Emirates flight. Perish the thought!

Naturally, she then wakes up to discover it was all just a horrible dream, and she's actually in a bed, next to an iPad, on an actual Emirates flight. She then shares a drink and a laugh with the ridiculously urbane bartender, and all's right with the world again.

Unless, of course, you're not Jennifer Aniston and can only splurge on an Emirates flight when there's an insane sale going on -- in which case, you should probably shower at home.

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Gianni Jaccoma is a staff writer for Thrillist, and the last time he tried showering on a plane, he got taken down by the air marshal. Follow his unclean tweets @gjaccoma, and send your news tips to