Watch JetBlue Shame Passengers in New Flight Etiquette Videos

From the seat partner who’s talking your ear off for 3,000 miles, to the guy hogging the overhead compartment with his overstuffed “carry-on,” there’s no limit to the ways other passengers are annoying. And while fliers can only say so much before a full-blown argument erupts, at least one airline is trying to get passengers to clean up their act.

As part of its new “flight etiquette” campaign, JetBlue is promoting a series of passenger-shaming videos that show exactly what NOT to do on a plane. The airline has uploaded the first two videos to YouTube, which display several irritating passenger habits.

The first clip tackles inconsiderate napping and features a shameless d-bag who totally ignores the boundaries of his seat, snores like a hog, and almost fully lies down. Come on, dude. 

The second video takes on the eternal plight of the woman in the window seat getting past two sleeping row-mates to use the bathroom...

She could’ve just given a gentle tap on the shoulder to let her out -- ya know, instead of worming around under the seats or slamming tray tables to get what she wants. Lay off the soda, lady.

​Let's hope future episodes take aim at the jerks who recline their seats aaaaall the way back, or clip their toenails in their seats. Seriously, what is wrong with people?!

Chloe Pantazi is an editorial assistant on Thrillist's travel team, and regardless of the mode of transportation can’t stand the guy listening to Chris Brown at a ridiculous volume on his headphones. Why is he listening to Chris Brown anyway? Follow her on Twitter @ChloePantazi.