Score a Private Jet for $4 This Weekend

Published On 06/11/2015 Published On 06/11/2015

If you thought private jets were the sole domain of financial gurus, oil sheikhs, and Floyd Mayweather, Jr, think again.

For the second year in a row, JetSuite is offering ordinary folks the opportunity to grab a 4th of July private jet flight for a grand total of $4. For the whole plane. To state the obvious, that's way cheaper than private jet flights normally cost -- the company regularly posts empty-leg flight deals on its Facebook page, but those normally start at around $536.


Is there a catch? Of course there is: the $4 flight routes won't be posted online until July 3rd, one day before the flight itself, meaning you'll have to be pretty flexible with regard to where you're actually going -- recent routes have included Teterboro to Palm Beach and Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Also, these are one-way flights, so you'll be on your own figuring out an itinerary for your return trip.

Still, at $4 you can afford to pay the trumped-up fees for your last-minute Spirit flight back home. To get a leg up on the competition, register for SuiteDeals and set up a Wishlist that'll shoot you an email or text message if there's an available flight posted from one of your chosen airports.

Gianni Jaccoma is a staff writer for Thrillist, and he still can't believe how cheap this is. Join his private jet entourage on Twitter @gjaccoma, and send your news tips to



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