Spend the night at an igloo village in Finland

Because there's nothing more baller than freezing 'em off in the cold, the Finns built an igloo village in Lapland (where Santa lives). Arctic resort Kakslauttanen offers three kinds of accommodation: snow igloos, glass igloos, and (much toastier) log cabins. There's also an ice restaurant, art gallery, and a bazillion snow activities: husky, reindeer, and snowmobile safaris, skiing/ snowboarding, and chasing the Northern Lights. While people pay eskimoloads to sleep in swanky ice hotels, booze in ice bars, and even attend ice festivals, it costs around $350/nt to sleep in a 'gloo.

Welcome to Kakslauttanen... It's beautiful, but freezing as the Snow Miser's tits. Temperatures here dip as low as -40F.

Though it's so cold outside you think your face will fall off, inside a snow igloo you'll stay nice and cozy; if you consider -21F cozy, we totally never want to go camping with you.

Welcome to a luxe 'gloo -- the bearskin's optional, but totally necessary for a good night's sub-zero slumber.

For those who wish to stay warm, the log cabins are kitted-out with a fireplace and sauna, from which you can watch igloo idiots rubbing sticks together in desperation.

At room temperature, glass igloos (gligloos?) are another clever choice. Each has its own toilet -- a staple to some, but a luxury to others; those staying in the snow igloos have to venture to a separate building altogether, or else pee upon a nearby snowbank.


Imagine falling asleep to this view of the Aurora Borealis, from the (coldish) comfort of your 'gloo!

If you're looking for a respite from the cold, you won't find one at Restaurant de Glace. But you will get served some good grub in a pretty magnificent-looking setting.

And at the resort's ice gallery, you'll get to look at more frozen stuff... Which never gets old.

Cold, but wonderful. And you'll miss that view... Now let's GTFO and go to the Bahamas.

Chloe Pantazi is an editorial assistant on Thrillist's travel team. Yes, that's a British accent. No, she doesn't watch Doctor Who. Follow her on Twitter at @ChloePantazi.