What's Your State's Favorite Summer Destination?

Whether you live in the midwest or the south, one thing remains the same: once summer rolls around, everyone's instinct is to get the hell out of town and see some new scenery.

According to a new infographic released on KAYAK's Travel Hacker Blog, though, each state's got a city frequented most by its citizens during the hotter months -- and for half the US, it's Las Vegas. Why the hell are people going to Vegas when it's 120 degrees?

More importantly, it's not even close: Sin City ranked highest in 28 states, while Orlando, Denver, and Los Angeles tied for the next-most popular destination with a paltry four states each. As for Nevada itself, residents of the Silver State overwhelmingly prefer Honolulu as their summer destination of choice, and are in fact the only state that feels that way. Guess the grass is always greener, especially if you live in a goddamn desert.

Check out the legend below to learn which city each of KAYAK's symbols represent, then weigh in on how accurate the map is in the comments:


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