5 Reasons Why Planes Don't Have a Kids Section


Second maybe to wagering against the Cleveland Browns, it’s one of the safest bets you can make: no matter where you sit on an airplane, there will be a screaming baby or rowdy family nearby. And since said screaming babies and seat-kicking kids seem to annoy everybody on the flight (including their parents!), you have to wonder why no airline has followed up on Sir Richard Branson's idea of creating a "kid class" or "family section?"

Well, at least we wondered. Enough to ask a handful of aviation consultants, pilots, and aeronautical engineers what the deal is. Unfortunately, they were not optimistic. In fact, here are their five reasons why it's never going to happen.

1. It’s not financially viable

There’s no way of controlling a special section’s inventory: in other words, some flights are full of families, others are not. And airlines can’t afford to hold seats for a specific group of people who may or may not book them.

2. Some people might get offended and sue

Crazy, we know, but there are likely people out there who believe getting caged in the back of the plane just because they have children is kinda discriminatory, or at the very least, take offense to being seated by the bathrooms. And you know the family section will be in the back, because: a) people in first class won't want to be anywhere near a kid section, and b) it basically already is.

3. Not every family wants to sit with other families

Your kids are obviously super well-behaved, so why would you want to sit next to some other parent’s brats?

4. Crying babies are contagious. Okay, not really but...

One screaming baby often leads to many screaming babies. Can you imagine being trapped in a confined section in which every kid is crying, or worse, having the entire back of the plane sound like a cry room at church?

5. Nobody would ever book the rows directly in front of the kids section

And that would affect the airline’s bottom-line even more.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's associate travel editor, and is convinced she did something bad in a previous life that's cursed her to always fly within three rows of a screaming child. Follow her @Sohostyle