The world's new tallest building will be TWO Freedom Towers tall

3,280 feet. 200 stories. Almost twice the size of New York's new Freedom Tower, if you're looking for a point of reference. That's how high the world's tallest building, named the Kingdom Tower, will be when it's completed in Saudi Arabia in 2019. Designed by architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, the $1.23 billion structure will knock the current Guinness World Record-holding Dubai's Khalifa Tower out of the top spot by more than 586ft. And the inside will be just as beastly, featuring a Four Seasons hotel, condos, and a sky terrace for some insane high-altitude views.

Above-ground construction starts this week on a staggering 5.7mi sqft building, although to see what it'll look like in five years, check out the renderings below.

Chloe Pantazi is an editorial assistant on Thrillist's travel team. Follow her at the great height of 5'2'' on  Twitter @ChloePantazi.