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Kolarbyn Eco-lodge
Live like a Hobbit

Ever wanted to stay in a simple, pre-industrial, zero-frills shack that isn't a Motel 6? Then it's high time you got over to Skinnskatteberg, a totally-not-made-up town in Sweden that plays host to a very feral camp dubbed the Kolarbyn Eco-lodge.

Skogens Konung
Although the name sounds suspiciously Nell-ish, fear not, there's no untamed Jodie Foster muttering "miss chicka pay" over and over again at this cabin. Instead, you'll find yourself surrounded by basics like sheepskin rugs, firewood (which you have to cut yourself), and a bucket... to fetch water from the spring... because this is who you are now.
Skogens Konung
If you decide to bring a ladyfriend along, you should first make sure she's cool with having no comforts/electricity around her whatsoever, and then make her a gallon of tea with this gigantic teapot.
Mikaela Larm
This cozy little cabin is exotically named "The Margareta", and somewhat resembles what a woodland portal to hell would probably look like...
Mikaela Larm
... If hell was a totally intimate candle-lit cabin with sheepskin sleeping bags and a crackling fireplace to slowly lull you to sleep. Which, if we learned anything from Spawn, it most definitely is not.
Skogens Konung
And who needs running water or hot showers when there's a giant lake right next to your camp? Either take a dip, or snag their complimentary rowboat or canoe for a quick fishing trip.
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1. Kolarbyn Eco-lodge , Skinnskatteberg,

At STF Kolarbyn neither electricity nor running water will disturb your wilderness experience. You'll chop your own wood to build a fire that'll surely lull you to sleep, and awake to the sounds of chirping birds by the lake.

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