This Is America's Most Popular Spring Break Destination

Published On 03/13/2015 Published On 03/13/2015

No, it’s not Miami, Daytona Beach, or even the Redneck Riviera... in fact, it’s nowhere in Florida at all. But this year’s top Spring Break destination has plenty of people behaving badly, topless pool parties, and waaay more slot machines, to boot. It’s Las Vegas, of course! 

That is, according to data from Priceline, which collected thousands of advance hotel reservations booked by students for March to find the 50 most popular Spring Break spots in the country. While Vegas steals the show this spring, ever-trusty Orlando swoops in at second place with its wet T-shirt and banana-eating contests, and New York City ranks a surprising third, though the Rockaways and Coney Island are gonna be pretty cold for anyone in a bikini or swim trunks.

And though only two Florida spots -- Miami (no. 6) and Orlando -- made the top 10, it’s no surprise to see California win the national Spring Break contest with three locations, including Orange Country (no. 4), San Diego (no. 9), and San Francisco (no. 10), on the list. No one saw Chicago (no. 7) coming, though...

Before you head to Vegas to hit on girls by the pool, check out the top 10 Spring Break destinations below, as well as the average rate of a night’s hotel stay in each.

10. San Francisco, CA - $166
9. San Diego, CA - $132
8. New Orleans, LA - $176
7. Chicago, IL - $149
6. Miami, FL - $213
5. Orange County, CA - $121
4. Phoenix, AZ - $153
3. New York, NY - $195
2. Orlando, FL - $125
1. Las Vegas, NV - $106



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