MSP's blinging boutique

MSP's only actual boutique hotel, Chambers lies smack in the middle of the Hennepin Ave theater district, and compensates for its lack of size with a super flashy car supremely clean, contemporary aesthetic.

Don't let that fire fool you: Chambers is as cool, mod, and minimalist as neo-Brutalist Russia. Huzzah

Who needs a pool when you can swim in culture at their very own art gallery

The standard queen rooms are no-frills. Literally, like even the throw pillows have evenly sewn seams

An executive suite, on the other hand, is a slightly nattier affair, coming with a couch and a book! But still no bedding with frills

Take that executive footprint, lose the bed, add a desk and an arc lamp, and you're looking at the living room of a full-on suite

Should you prefer your compulsively spare minimalism with a touch of incongruous opulence, the capstone's a penthouse, a date in which may be only slightly more attainable than one with a girl from Penthouse. Those chicks are classy.