Travel totage that'll keep a secret

The old maxim holds if you want something done right you should do it yourself, but it's almost impossible to assemble all of your IKEA furniture with one hand while pleasuring yourself with the other. Using both hands to build the bags he wished someone else had, the guy behind Lexdray.From a non-Ricky Nelson travelin' man who's "constantly studying" travel totage, Lex's inaugural small-batch Classified Collection's a sophisticated lineup of uber-durable luggage, inspired by Japanese craftsmanship and incorporating elements he longed for himself, from special technical features to "concealed details", though you'd think he would at least spring for GQ. What you'll find:

  • ultra-durable ballistic-grade nylon, neoprene, and coated cowhide leather construction
  • adjustable & detachable custom padded shoulder straps tested for "total comfort" the porters who would have to lug your stuff around to make that 100% true
  • military-grade hardware, including custom dual-zipper pulls and detachable keyrings
  • multiple exterior and interior gadget slots, plus pockets sporting a proprietary snap system to keep your stuff crazy secure
  • fleece-lined, padded "rear access" laptop slot, as if your laptop wasn't plenty familiar with rear access slots already
  • hidden, removable, fully waterproof covers

For now the models blessed with said features're limited to five styles (each done in a run of only 550 pieces), including the knapsack-inspired Tokyo Pack, the Tahoe Duffel, and the messenger-esque Stockholm Brief, though underwear would really get in the way of doing your furniture right...handed.