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Published On 07/31/2015 Published On 07/31/2015

As the eminent sage and undead sideshow Mick Jagger once crooned, satisfaction's pretty hard to come by -- even if you're a god-level rock star with thoroughly enviable moves.

Still, even though Mick can't get no (no no, no no), satisfaction actually seems to be achievable in certain parts of the world, and a recent research paper by the Fraser Institute sought to quantify who these strange, satisfied people really are.

The paper used data from the World Values Survey, an annual survey which asks large numbers of people in different countries to rank their life satisfaction on a 1-10 scale. Combining this with data from the European Values Study, the paper formed a unified ranking of countries with the highest (and lowest) life satisfaction scores in the world. Unsurprisingly, the United States failed to place on either list.

Colombia crept into first place with a satisfaction score of 8.4, narrowly forcing Mexico (8.3) into second place. That's right: despite what you've heard in the news about corruption and drug cartel dangers, Mexico has the second-highest life satisfaction level in the world. Aaaand cue the Donald Trump apologists.

The race for third place turned into a three-way tie between Norway, Qatar, and Switzerland (8.0), all of which are remarkably expensive places to live, proving that while money might not buy happiness outright, it sure as hell goes a long way toward leading a satisfied life.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe and Tanzania both share the title of "least satisfied country" with a score of 3.9, beating out Moldova by .7 points -- although, is it still "beating out" if you're competing for last place?

Check out both the top and bottom 10 lists below:

Most Satisfied:

7. Canada (7.8)
7. Finland (7.8)
7. Argentina (7.8)
7. Brazil (7.8)
6. Ecuador (7.9)
3. Switzerland (8.0)
3. Qatar (8.0)
3. Norway (8.0)
2. Mexico (8.3)
1. Colombia (8.4)

Least Satisfied:

10. Bulgaria (5.2)
9. India (5.1)
6. Ethiopia (5.0)
6. Rwanda (5.0)
6. Georgia (5.0)
4. Pakistan (4.9)
4. Egypt (4.9)
3. Moldova (4.6)
1. Tanzania (3.9)
1. Zimbabwe (3.9)

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