Midtown luxury accommodations for business...and pleasure

Standing at the intersection of Southern charm and modern convenience, Loews has led the charge in chic-yet-comfortable accommodations in the heart of Midtown, with over 40,000 square feet of meeting space, a rooftop terrace,a spa, and amenities designed to get work and play done with the greatest of ease.The design's ultra vibrant, as is evident in the lobby.With crazy views of Midtown through floor-to-ceiling windows, the dapper digs look like something out of an Usher video, assuming Usher wrote a song about doing work at an over-sized desk.The robust fitness program at Exhale Spa offers programs to get your yin and yang on. Deep ivory walls, rich wood columns, and plush leather seating make up eleven, a contemporary Southern joint focused on seasonal ingredients. Rub shoulders with guests and in-towners alike at Bar eleven while you sipping all manly-like on the signature vodka-based Sage Blossom cocktail.photos: LoewsHotels.com