More hilarious English translations: Menu edition

Being presented with an English-language menu while traveling abroad kind of takes the fun out of playing dinner roulette -- unless, of course, that menu’s been translated by the Internet. Or the owner's 11-year-old.

Salad "laminated" of goat -- so at least two of the food groups are covered. You know, 'cause laminate covers things. No? Eh, we tried.

More like Palace of explosive diarrhea! Just kidding, that's gross. And that dish actually looks delicious -- not at all runs-inducing.

Putting a mod, earthy twist on a classic dessert, who doesn't love a big bowl of flavored fir tree buds?

Hmmm... Deer. Cheese goat droppings. Deer. Cheese goat droppings. Do we have to choose just one?

Sweater gives trout. Trout gives sweater. Trout wears sweater? Sweater really suits trout.

"Yeah, so like, first we just slather the bean curd in you ear. All in there. Load it up. Then, after scraping it out with a Q-tip (very carefully though 'cause we don't want to damage the ear drum), it goes into a medium sauce pot with a little bit of the wax, sautéed garlic, and some olive oil. You're getting all this down, right?"

"Do you mind if I use the sand pot before we order?"

funny menu
Bink Baulch

"Can't believe you remembered the wine but forgot the cow. We told you, this is a BYO COW restaurant! Unbelievable."

Who wants to play Mad Libs: Restaurant Edition?

bad english menu
Bink Baulch

More like, Shaghetta up and go. Maybe... Shaghetta 'bout it?

Seriously, the last time Chees performed live at The Comedy Stop -- dude killed! Absolutely killed.