Australia is auctioning off all your lost luggage

Published On 11/03/2014 Published On 11/03/2014

Everybody knows where lost luggage goes in the US: it disappears to rural Alabama, much like all sense of believability in the course of Forrest Gump. But since Australia doesn't have its own Alabama (probably a good thing) to liquidate its lost luggage, the nation's largest airport is putting it all up for auction. 
From Nov. 4 through 14, you can place a bid of just $0.87 ($1 AUD) to get your hands on iPads, surfboards, and other misplaced goods through an online auction run by Sydney Airport -- but only if you're in Australia. Still, items are sorted in five categories: technology; electronics; make-up, jewelry, fashion accessories, and luggage; booze and cigarettes; and odd objects. That last one's the coolest, and this year includes a blender, a ukulele, and a scooter. You could be the smoothie-making, ukulele-playing dude on a scooter. And for cheap!
To get a better look at what’s in stock, there’s also a viewing day on Nov. 5 in the Milperra warehouse where the airport stores lost luggage. All auction proceeds will go to charity, which should make you feel better about buying someone else’s stuff. Last year, the auction raised $113,000 ($130,000 AUD).

Place your bids right here.

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