Live in a fancy lakeside home without being fancy

Finally achieve your dream of being just like the dudes in American Pie 2 and rent this lakeside Victorian on massive, multi-bay Lake Minnetonka, just 10 minutes west of downtown Minneapolis

Beach-side firepit? Check. Kayaks so that you can explore the lake/ how inefficient exploring anything via kayak is? Check

Look at this neat lil' boathouse. While it doesn't house an actual boat these days, it does have a wood-burning stove, which is nice

Granite counter tops, professional grade stainless steel appliances, and -- SCORE! -- a toaster

The layout's pretty open, there's a gloriously cushy couch, and French doors open to a sunroom.

Said sunroom, with (gasp) even more French doors

This place sleeps eight and, since this is only one of the four bedrooms, not everyone has to fit in this bed

One of the three bathrooms, this one's got multiple seating options next to the tub, which is not strange at all