Is this space-aged floating hotel the future of paradise?

If you thought a futuristic hotel built into an abandoned quarry -- or an elaborate yacht that resembles an island -- was cool, allow us to introduce the Solar Floating Island, coming soon to the Maldive Islands.

solar floating island

Long a luxe vacation playground for the world's rich and famous, this island nation in the Indian Ocean already has a ridiculous underwater hotel. Expect the Solar Floating Island to take things to another level.

The vision of Italian designer Michele Puzzolante of MPD Designs, SFI's a five-star hotel comprised of 36 floating pod-like villas, each with two single and two double rooms to sleep a total of six people.

solar florating island

Because the lego-like DIY resort is made of floating pontoons that can be tethered together, it can mix-and-match conference rooms, bars, restaurants, a spa, a boutique, staff quarters, a private marina, and even a helipad.

If you were building this hotel, each pod would run you an estimated $145 million. Who knows how much they'll charge per night?! That said, it's totally solar powered and energy self-sufficient; so, no electric bills.

solar florating island

Let's raise the roof to see what the inside looks like. Individual pods will feature teak decks, an open-plan kitchen, a living room, dining room, bar area, and even a Jacuzzi.

solar florating island interior

Welcome to your future honeymoon suite. As expected from a luxury resort in the Maldives (it is the getaway of choice for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, after all), everything is top of the line.

You could say the décor is classically minimalist. That's a thing, right?

Poached eggs, anyone? Yes, this is the kitchen.


And your own personal watering hole. Bring enough cool people back to party at the pod and your bar could end up being one of the best bars in the middle of the ocean.

underwater bubble

Hands down, the coolest part of these rooms -- underwater sitting areas. Perhaps you'll even spy one of the world's weirdest looking sea creatures while enjoying your morning coffee.

solar floating island

While construction has yet to begin, the Solar Floating Hotel is reportedly being built by the Kuwaiti-owned Al Bader Trading Group, which envisions developing it into a worldwide SFI Hotel brand.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's über-efficient German associate travel editor, who's had frequent flyer status since her mother gave birth to her in a Lufthansa terminal. Follow her @Sohostyle