What do you get from a $3 million RV? Frankly, a lot.

Forget the rusty Winnebago leaking oil and sadness onto your neighbor's driveway -- drop a few million bucks, and a truly luxe motor home can be all yours. Criss-cross the country like a celeb in these epic buses -- it's the American (who is insanely wealthy) way.

Stars like Ashton Kutcher, Will Smith, and Mariah Carey are happy to shell out $2 million (or around $8,750 per week) for one of Anderson Mobile Estate’s palatial trailers. And why not? The two-story, 53ft-long trailers have a retractable second floor, giving them a total of 1,100sqft.

Anderson's have been making bespoke buses for celebs for a quarter century (the company's first big client was Sylvester Stallone), and can pimp them out with anything from a 100" drop-down theater screen to a full-size gym. No place like home, right?

Seven 60" 3D plasma screens are exactly seven more than we have at (our stationary) home.

There's a conference area, as well as two bathrooms, and a full kitchen with granite countertops.

$3.1 million for a rocket from the future? What a steal. Designed by Austria-based Marchi Mobile, the eleMMent RV is a fave among so-rich-they-don't-even-know-how-to-spend-it-anymore sheikhs. They don't even care that it looks like a bionic anglerfish from the future sent to destroy humans.

Yup, sheiks dig this decadent, palace-like bedroom. There's lots of gold stuff, a 40" flat screen, a fireplace, and underfloor heating.

Enjoy a flute of bubbly in your mobile living room, while you ponder your bitcoin proliferation. Or take in some sun from your rooftop pop-up cocktail lounge.

This mobile mansion consists of three parts: a 38ft-long, 10-ton tractor, a 323sqft custom-built coach, and a 215sqft "Sky Lounge". If you can dream (and afford) it, you can have it.

Millenium prevost rv
Millennium Luxury Coaches

Millennium Luxury Coaches is known for tricking out Prevost RVs and turning them into villas on wheels.

Millennium prevost interior

Welcome to (Trailer) Park Avenue. It's ostentatious, woody, golden, and sparkly, with granite countertops, a full kitchen, three Samsung Smart LED TVs, and Bose surround sound.

Millenium prevost bedroom
Millennium Luxury Coaches

Go big or go home: your usual Bed, Bath & Beyond sheets won't do here, so custom bedding's a necessity.

Nothing screams "I have too much money" like Swarovski crystal-encrusted doorknobs in your second mobile home.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist’s über-efficient German travel writer. She’s had frequent flyer status ever since her mother gave birth to her at a Lufthansa terminal. Follow her adventures via Twitter at @Sohostyle.

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