Man Gored by Bull Feels Huge Pain in the Ass

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Running with the bulls is one way to prove you’ve got “cajones.” Also, that you make poor life choices, because those looking to flaunt their manhood must factor in the possibility of ending up in a hospital with a new orifice. One man in Spain just found out the hard way.

In Teulada, Spain, one reveler was gored in the buttocks during the town's running of the bulls event. And photos show: it’s NOT pretty.

OK, it’s kinda funny. The guy tried to run away, but the bull was really good at chasing tail. He probably gets all the lady bulls.

The man was able to limp away to medics and did not appear to be seriously injured. Still, let this be a warning: don’t go full-Hemingway at a Spanish fiesta, because it might be your death in the afternoon if you don't watch your ass.

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