Dude Gets Booted off Flight for Having the F-Word on His Shirt

Published On 03/25/2015 Published On 03/25/2015

Since there's no family section on planes -- can you imagine that Thunderdome of crying children? -- you've gotta keep your language PG. PG-13, at the worst. Otherwise, you get the airplane potty mouth police on you. And one fervent fan of the popular show "Broad City" found out the hard way this week.
In an effort to encourage good ol’ fashioned family values, Southwest airlines barred college student Daniel Podolsky from boarding a connecting flight because of his shirt. You'd think there'd be a "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" policy, given how most people act in economy class, but in fact, apparently "No F-Word" is also part of the game. Podolsky's t-shirt that read “Broad F*cking City" (without the censorship) got him flagged by airline workers.
According to WGN, Podolsky boarded his first leg in Dallas with a jacket concealing his shirt. But when the plane made a connection in Saint Louis, the bad word in question was in plane sight. Get it? Plane sight. OK. When asked by Southwest staff if there was anything at all he could do to cover up the offensive word, he replied with a simple, “Nope," opting for the Free Speech card.
Unfortunately, the Right to Wear Swear Word Shirts on Airplanes is actually not in the Bill of Rights, and Podolsky found himself grounded from flying.
Check out the video:

Eventually, Podolsky relented and changed his shirt before boarding another flight to Chicago. Southwest defended the incident in a statement saying, “We rely on our Employees and Customers to use common sense and good judgment.”

At least the guy has good taste in TV.



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