The Largest Sports Stadium in Every State, Mapped

If there's one thing sports fans love more than winning a game, it's league statistics -- specifically, using them to make each other feel like idiots. In an effort to add yet another readily accessible weapon to their arsenal, Vanderbilt University student JR Ridley decided to shift the focus off teams and map out the largest stadium (across ALL sports) in every state and, by extension, the country.

Unsurprisingly, almost every state's largest stadium belonged to football, with the NCAA dominating the majority of the country (39 states!). Only two non-football arenas made the cut: a multi-purpose stadium in DC (which used to host the Redskins) and a hockey stadium in Alaska (which makes sense, because Alaska). As for the lack of baseball stadiums, well, if this had been a straight-up ranking by land area, things probably would've turned out differently.

As for the largest stadium in the entire country, that honor goes to Michigan Stadium with a max capacity of 107,501. Penn State's Beaver Stadium takes second place with 106,572, and third place goes to AT&T Stadium with 105,000 -- as Ridley points out on his site, while Kyle Field's base capacity might be bigger, AT&T gets the bronze thanks to its expanded, overall capacity. Suck it, Aggies!

Check out Ridley's full infographic below:

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